Posted by: sultanjohor | November 3, 2009

WYD Glod Tips #2

hi guys, thanks for some comment for my blog, im really appreciate your comment and your support for my blogs, my blogs its not the best but its the only way to share information with you guys..


ok lets talk about the new episode of gold tips in WYD okay…


1. Quest

This is the favorite thing i do when i was a mortal, mostly i like o to Hydra quest , you need find a red tickets to enter the hydra quest. while you doing a quest you can get gold easy in that quest, sometimes the monsters drop ori powder and most of them drops armor and you can sell it no NPC and can buy a new tickets again.. everytime you enter the quest you will easy gain 1m per entry.

2. Be an OP / CS /or  Related with games

This is the challenging part for making gold coz you have to work something and you can get salary every month, OP salary is 20k wcoins per month which is gm will give you using a wcoin brick. You can sell the wcoin brick to make gold. some people sell the brick from 130m-150m.

All you must to do try get the job first,to be an OP you must be a knowledge person, you must know about WYD game information that will help the new members coz you are the leader and WYD game representative or what i call is an operator.

You also can be a CS, but it need a lot of knowledge, its not justquest  but all things related in WYD.CS is a GM assistant when GM is not around..

the important thing is try look the free slots for OP position on the web WYD and if you see a free slot posiition and go apply for it.. only this is the way to gain gold every month without using your real cash..

I was being an OP since im a mortal, at that time i was a lvl 371 mortal.. so now im a celestial lvl 65 . now almost 3 years i think im being an OP for WYD.The first academy im leading is Global Academy and 2nd is Alpha academy and now im still Global academy..

I make Global academy a good academy by motivate the academy members to join the league and join the academy for new members. Most of the time Global academy win the OP league. Most of the Global academy operators are good and we are always do a teamwork when we join the OP league and we could win easy coz we are many operators, we have 8 operators for Global academy, sometimes 4 operators and sometimes 2.

Its fun being an OP coz you are famous, all people will find you and you are a celebrity lol..  omg im talking too much in this section lol… sorry hehehee..


3. Helping Friend selling in Auto Trade

Dont worry if you dont hve a good thing or items to sell. I got tips for you all.  If you know your friend hve something or some items is good then try ask him if you could sell it for him, ask him what price he want, for example he want to sell item A for the price of 2m , so you can increase the item price to 3m-4m depends on the items then you sell it in auto trade shop.

The things is fastly sale is an armor, weapons and accessories, mount is not good enuff to sell coz not many people afford it. It takes time to sell it but its worth it.


4. Join the new Event / Contest /

Here is the challenging part but its very good and make your dreams come true. Go look wyd web and let see if got new event that you can join. See the prizes,  and try join the event and make yourself a unique contestants and if you do the thing with full commitment and im sure you will win the prizes easily.Try getting tips or asking from your operator regarding your ideas or what ever needed to participate the event or competiiton.

Trust me if you do 120% on your job you will get what you needed. The success is come from your true sincere job.

okay guys maybe thats all for now, later i put more info ok… see next episode of WYD gold tips.. thanks…




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