Posted by: sultanjohor | April 3, 2010

Time For Water ..

Hello guys, long time im not update my blogs … I’ve got good news to tell you all that im now a celestial TK lvl 138 and my souls BM nature is lvl 10 hehehe…

My celestial use new name called “Pejuang” it means a “Fighter” . I never expected to reach this kind of levels, coz when im mortal im always said i dont want to be a celestial and time always change and we also need changes.

at the moment im still new to celestial life and im still figure out about the celestial built and etc.  at the moment i got 6.3k attack and 13k HP with souls Buff.My souls BM nature lvl 10 i got 5k attack and 8k HP. Soon i try make new built to try getting high hp and high attack..

Since im celestial im a lot going hunting and sharing waters coz hunting is now easy as ABC in everywhere i wanted to go, just need a lot of pots to stay alive until the monster died in curse town.i just hunt curse soemtimes just to testing my built and my stats.. in Curse town got many type of Mobs, they got a tk, a ht, bm and a foema too. So i just choose which char of mob i want to fight to test with.

okay, soon i put my celestial ss in this blog. so keep in touch soon.


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