Posted by: sultanjohor | April 17, 2010

New SUPER TK Built For Mortal

hi Guys

how are you guys, hope your all good.

In my old post i put many type of built and now we have new patch of WYD and i think its time to make new built coz as you can see the items for MAP is getting cheaper and cheaper and of course the MAP player are getting stronger for their 14 Map accessories and armor. The old built is good but we need changes time by time so we can adapt new kind style of fighting.


Use E set Slayer +11 For more Deff and attack,try make your own if not see people selling it, but if people selling it, its cheap now , u can buy it below 300m per piece, but if you dont get E armor you also can use D armor 11 normally people sell around 150m per piece.


-Sprit stone F grade with PD and AD option or more.

-Mystic Amulet Dmg 40++ above

-HP earing 9 or 10

– Critical Stone

-Mystic Circlet 9 or 11 with AD and PD option


plus 9 with Souls of limit


try use Ancient dragon wing axes +11 with good dmg option / Bhopal ancient 11 / or using Radient sword ancient 11 with good dmg option.

Extra DMG:

Use Nell Horse, Use kappa potion,unique pack , crhistmas candy and choclate lover, or power jewel. It give you extra dmg.

Book Skills:

Try buy all type of skilsbook like Spectral force, concentration, ad Ressurrect.


STR = 600

DEX = 800

CON = Rest put here

USE Dex COn Souls of Limit Buff, it will give you extra dmg and extra HP.

With this built sure you can beatmany mortal and if you pro you can kill some celestial.

Remmber to bring your Pot Block Removal with you.Dont let the foema calling you noob.

Okay hope this works.. Playing Foema is very easy coz the stats are just full INT if playing black foema, so try your best


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