Posted by: sultanjohor | August 23, 2011


hi all, dear wyd friends, im quitting WYD as most people know that my account was been hack /scam . The GM WYD wont help anything about it. Its better quit  then from play again.

its already more than a year im quitting WYD Global.

now im just a history of WYD Global, all my character name ingame was just a legend

here are the name:

1. SultanJohor

2. Karate-Kid

3. TokJanggut

4. StormTrooper

5. Pejuang

6. Glandur

7. PublicEnemy

SultanJohor and Karate-Kid is my character for Operator ingame, i win many OP battle league, i join the league every week and in a month i win all league with the help of my team OP for Global academy.

Sultanjohor is 1st character i do for OP job and karate-Kid is the 2nd OP.


to be continueed….


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