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Global Academy Water party

Hi all WYDians

whats up? hope your all fine always… today im gonna show you my water session video exclusively for you guys.

Congrats to all who get appointed the position of country OP and hope we can meet in operator league soon. For the new OP you guys can see how i do my water session for my shift.

The important thing for waters is:

1. Lodester ( for saving spots)

2. Warp scrolls

3. recall scrolls

4. a few hp pots

dont forget this kind of stuff coz it will help you do your job faster during the shift.

The fastest water session i do is 20 minutes for 8 scrolls if all members are attcking. but mostly i prefer my members attacking, im just stand quietly and no attck.

Let see my video here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Global in PK Arena

Hope you guys enjoy with my vids.. sorry i dont have sound for that video


ok all bye and take care

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Learn TK For Dummies

well, many of us have our own style of making the stats and everyone have their own specialties and today i will discuss on you guys about the status for STR, INT, DEX and CON and  the equipment needed.

Today i will discuss about the mortal character. the setting for celestials are a lot different.Coz we all know many celestials gotvery high map and dmg attack.So today we just concentrate on mortals.


Well you must find a good armor that is i prefer is a Gold Embossed (LE) plus 9 or Slayer E armor plus 9, this is the basic and good start and if you rich you can make your own plus 11 D set or E set for super power or you just can buy ingame. The other alternative is using noobset 11. Noobset problem is very low deff and high in attack coz its perfect stats.

the armor option is must be not low than a minimum requirement, but for sure you must find a high stats if can if you wanna be a number 1 fighter ingame, for example like armor option dmg 42 and crits 9..

For me im using an armor option is dmg 24 crit 7 plus 11. Its still a good armor and i love it..

but  i dont care much about the armor thing coz im not rich enough to buy god armor hehehehhe, for me dmg 24 crit 7 is alrdy good for me….and i can use it for mortals and celestials too, its a good win win solution.


use a HP earing plus 9 or if you rich use the plus 10 lah…

use Damage Amulet that is 40 above… the highest is dmg 50 ingame..

use Spirit stone grade E or F with pd stats or what ever u prefer, but pd is recommended.

use critical stone that give critical 10 percent and make it plus 9, it will give you extra critical percentage.


use a Dragon wing axes or Radient sword or Bhopal Sword with good high option stats.. it will give you extra and powerfull damage.

U need to use with dmg 54 and above like dmg 63 or 72 or more if u rich lahh…


plus ur cape to 9 , just same as your want to refine weapon / armor using a ori powder and lak powder. Use ori powder from plus 1 to 6 and use lak powder to plus from 7 to 9..

use a warrior seal to make a graduate cape .. you must be 355 above.

Go kill some people in quest or etc that you need to make a frag,  then you will get a shiny cape.

The Story:

From my experiences im using a stats that are normal for a melee character.i am more to tanking. its not a problem if you want fight other melee char, but if u need fighting a map char u need a very different kind of stats coz of nowadays Feoma got their mana shield. the old days mana shield was to convert the mana transfer to hp buit nowadays they are not tranfer hp but they use it as a shield coz their hp is low and it give them extra advantage for PK and they also got pot blocks… We need to beat feoma(black) ass coz they got really high map coz we all know that they are full INT!!!…

To only way to beat the high map enemy is using a hunter that using a bow or beastmaster with tigers summon or TK with really high damage attck and must be a good deff.

For me, i prefer to be a Tk coz their look is very cool and not many people choose to be TK…Tk is for people who like to be a killer or a front attacker..TK is the front attacker for a battlefield war.

The Status:

1. Normal stats:

STR= 800-1k

DEX= 400-500

CON= rest of point you have

this is good for pk and for tanking,.. i am using this stats for my mortal I dont care if im die or lose or pawned coz i dont care… the black feoma can kill me easily with this stats if they pot bloks, but if the Fm dare to fight i will challenge him fight with no pots coz they got low hp.Sure they dont want to fight coz they are needed more the hp pots and mana pots. This stats are good when you already got a good armor with good options and a good weapon with good options. But if you dont have good weapon or armor i recommend you to pump up on more STR.

To get a super power you must have a Souls of limit buff to increase ur attack. Make a Souls STR for super damages. It will give you around 3 minutes on buff.

2. High Damages and crits

STR = 1500

DEX = 1000

CON= Rest of CON

Use Souls STR for super damages and a good armor 11 if possible coz you will beat others so easy.

This are the examples of TK stats, soon i will discuss more on the status, coz im still doing my research for TK builds and i will update from time to time.

Hope this will help for the new players.Dont complain my blogs much if you you got a different kind of stats. This is my effort to help new players, if u do reallly care you just need make your own blogs, thats all…

I think thats all for today, ok then see u later…

Bye and take care

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Welcome to Global Academy

Hi all WYDians

Welcome and i would like to announce that me and my frend are back to Global academy, me and yanness are on 1.00 gmaetime shift everyday!!

And LilRim is on 7.00 gameti, callmeboss on 13.00 gametime and Homax is on 19.00 gametime, mostly at server 4 the hot server…

Come and join the fun in global academy where you can meet a people from all over the globe and playing under one roof. The people that we call a WYDians..

Allright, im happy coz i got OP for Global again… D … hope you guys have fun too…

dont ever miss the water party everyday …its time for you to level up faster on every saturday and sunday for x2 EXP…

Ok then, c ya all later ingame k…take care

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Welcome to ALPHA Academy

Hi all Wydians hi there? how are u guys and girls? hope u all in good condition.. well i’ve got good news for you all,’m your new OP for Alpha academy at server 1, come to Azran every 1 gametime. My partner -CreAmY- will guide and recruit you and getting you into the water party until you level up day by day..

I’m happy to be OP back again. well this is for the start of my job for Alpha. Most of the members of Alpha are not good in english but from my mind i can know that they are good in some terms of basic english.

Its not a problem to me coz i know they are come just for waters, its normal.. well im just party them to make them quiet and they happy!!

coming soon i will put my water party video in my blog so u guys can know what was i really do during my shift.

ok thats all for now, thanks for reading

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Back to WYD

hello all WYDians, almost 2 month im not play WYD but i never quit WYD as long this game is alive and i’m healthy. Now i’m back again to WYD for new mission and task. Now i’m completing my level to 400 by joining water shares, hopefully i can reach lvl 400 by this week, then i can make my celes.

what else i can do beside gaming? well its my hobby and nothing to do without it..

new academy system will be open soon,hopefully i can apply back for be an OP for an academy.

ok guys, just find me ingame if got something to ask, but dont ask for money. haha

take care…….bubbbyeeeeeeeee

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You Know Your Rights !!

Welcome and nice to see you all back.

Today is my 2nd day of being a CS Trainee and it is a great experience for me too. Congrats to all WYDians for knowing your right and make it as a usefull information. CS Trainee is just a person who help you ingame by answering your questions, queries and etc that you need to know ingame.

Ask us as many as you like and we try to give you the answer regarding your ingame questionnaires and queries.

At the moment we are still under training and we would like to apologize if we do some mistake while we doing our job because we have to answer all your question at the same time.

Thank You.

Malay Translation:

Hari ini adalah hari yang ke-2 saya bertugas sebagai seorang CS Trainee dan ia adalah pengalaman yang sangat berharga kepada saya. Tahniah kepada seluruh warga WYD kerana tahu menggunakan hak anda sebagai pengguna untuk mendapatkan maklumat yang diperlukan. CS Trainee hanyalah sebagai pembantu untuk menjawab sebarang pertanyaan dan membantu anda berkenaan sebanrang perkara yang berkaitan didalam game.

Tanyalah kami sebanyak soalan yang anda mahu dan kami cuba untuk menjawab dengan sedaya upaya kami .

Buat ketika ini kami maish lagi dalam peringkat latihan dan kami ingin meminta maaf sekiranya kami telah melakukan sebarang kesilapan pada hari kami melakukan tugas.

Terima kaish

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CS Trainee 1st Day Report

Day: 1
Shift Time: 19:00 – 22:00 gametime
BLOG ENTRY for the day:
FEEDBACKS you receive from the players :they like me for answering their questions and for helping them. malay translation ( mereka suka menjawab soalan dan membantu mereka)

A statement of about happened during your shift

firstly, it was a funny day of my experience of being a CS scouts for today. Many players asking me money, some of them asking for 5m and some 600k and some of them want some HP pots, well i just give them HP pots coz  i have many hp pots.Some of them asking me where to hunt the crops ticket and i showing the players the good places for hunting tickets. Some players asking me how to be an OP and i tell him that he need to send his qna to GM for the OP.

Malay Translations:

Pada hari pertama ia agak melucukan menjadi seorang CS. Kebanyakan orang meminta duit, dan sebahagian dari merka meminta 5m dan 600k dan ada juga yang meminta HP pot, sebaliknya saya hanya memberi mereka HP pots lagipun saya ada banyak HP pots. sebahagian dari mereka juga bertanya kemana saya perlu untuk dapatkan rumput quest, saya pun menunjukkan tempat yang perlu untuk memburu rumput. Ada juga yang menanya saya bagaimanakah cara-cara untuk menjadi OP dan saya memberitahu mereka supaya menghantar qna kepada GM.

Some of the players asking me  question about my personality and some of them just wanna say Hi to me and i reply their message as i can.

Malay Translations:

Ada juga yang bertanya tentang personaliti saya dan ada juga yang sekadar bertanya khabar berita saya.

Today, im also helping the players for the aprrentice quest, i showing him the place where he can get his new green cape. Finally he got his new green cape.

Malay Translations:

hari ini juga saya telah membantu seseorang untuk melakukan quest apprentice, saya telah menunjukkan tempat dimana dia boleh mendapatkan cape hijau dan akhirnya dia berjaya mendapat cape hijau.

As for conclusion, the first day its not a big problem to me coz im not a new player of WYD.Some of the players still dont know what is a CS Trainee job. Today we just explain to the players about the job function of a CS Trainee.

Malay Translations:

Kesimpulan saya pada hari ini ialah saya tidak menghadapi sebarang masalah sebab saya bukan pemain baru WYD. Sesetengah orang tidak tahu apakah tugas-tugas seorang CS Trainee. Hari ini kami hanya menerangkan apakah tugas-tugas kami sebagai seorang CS trainee.

Some SS




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Community Scouts Trainee

Hello WYDians,

this is duo language blog

English version

Today im happy because i got the opportunity to showing my best to be the Community scouts, i have to show and do my best for the WYDians and i will be a trainee for tomorow.

Versi Melayu

Hari ini saya berasa gembira kerana mendapat peluang untuk menjadi community scouts, saya akan membuat kerja yang terbaik untuk WYDians dan saya akan menjadi pelatih pada esok.


English version

welcome back, thank you and hope you all will enjoy your game. At the moment i am an OP for Global academy and and surprise that i’m the selected person to be the trainee of community scouts.

Above here is my god character pictures, i am a transknight trans. If you want to learn about transknight you can meet me ingame and i will try help you my best. For other character i know too, you can ask me if you want too.

Versi Melayu

Selamat kembali, terima kasih dan selamat bergembira semasa anda sedang bermain game ini. Buat ketika ini saya adalah OP untuk Global academy dan saya terkejut bahawa saya adalah salah seorang pelatih untuk community scouts.Gambar diatas adalah character god saya, saya adalah seorang transknight, jika anda berminat untuk belajar tentang transknight anda boleh berjumpa dengan saya dan saya akan cuba untuk menolong anda. Jika anda hendak tahu tentang character yang lain-lain saya juga sedia membantu.

Thank you for visiting my blog

Terima kasih kerana sudi melawat blog saya.

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My Talkshow with OnlyKim

Special Guest : OnlyKim (Polski Academy) Part 1

Hi welcome all,

today i got the opportunity to meet Polska OP, meet OnlyKim. I dont know why i choose OnlyKim, maybe OnlyKim is easy to meet and im always see Onlykim around.

OnlyKim agreed to be interviewed to my talk show.

OnlyKim: Hello Sultan xD

OnlyKim: Should we start? xD

Me: okay, thank you for cumming


OnlyKim: ^^ that word has another meaning

me : Sorry my english bad spelling

OnlyKim: hehe, its coming xD

OnlyKim: lol

me: okay u ready for my question?

OnlyKim: yes, sure

OnlyKim:give me all you got!!

OnlyKim: Wcoins also can xD

me: okay, why you put name OnlyKim?

OnlyKim: now thats simple, Kim is my name

OnlyKim: OnlyKim measn thers only 1 of me

OnlyKim: I am who i am

OnlyKim: LOL

me : ic ic

me: what OP are you now?

OnlyKim:Polska, exactly.

me: why did you choose Polska?

OnlyKim: I do not know exactly, GM put me there. He only gave me germany and Polska to choose

me: okay, before you OP what did you do?

OnlyKim:: i am nobody but a new player, 1 week in WYD. then i’ve got level up 400 that 1 week or more, so i went to apply OP

me: waaa so fast ehhh

OnlyKim: wanna share my gaming language?

me: okay also

OnlyKim: This is about my 3rd week

me: wow

OnlyKim:coming to a month now i think

me: waaa so fast god level 399 , so fast and furios.

OnlyKim: lol, I am hardcore gamer, as the SD spirit as within me

me: lol ….

OnlyKim: my friend got god in 5 days =.=

me: nice nice

OnlyKim: thats more of a challenge to me, lol

me : waaa

OnlyKim: I’ll make new ancient try that soon..

me : yea, you should try also

OnlyKim:: i’m still a beginner, rememebr ? xD

me: yea hehe

OnlyKim: ^^, hopefully i can get celess for this month

me : okay

me: are you working or school?

OnlyKim:I’m a university student

me: tell me your life as an OP?


OnlyKim: since i dont speak polish,I learn basic polish in 30 minutes, the rest took me 2 days to interprate their chats.

me: 30 minutes how you learn that?

OnlyKim: chats !

OnlyKim: Now i can converse a little, but still when it comes to grammar, i am bad at it xD.

me: maybe you need a dictionary lol p

OnlyKim: nah!, translator dont really help, nice member what are counts !!

me:Do you have translator in Polska Academy?

OnlyKim: I have known few PL members that can speak polish and english

me: well thats good p

OnlyKim: normally they help me to translate ^^ when i cant, but earlier i usetranslatorat Poltran.

me: yea your member look nice ^^

OnlyKim: they teach me the civil language instead of the formal from translator

me : ic ic, is it okay the timing to do your shift?

OnlyKim: Not really, but so far i’ve managed since neither of my friends speak Polski. tirings but they taught me a lot of things, no regret ! ^.^

me: yea sometimes we need challenges too !!

me: how many times you eat in a day as an op?

OnlyKim:eating food ingame or real life ?

me: i mean real life.. ehehhe

OnlyKim: I eat only when i’m hungry, doesn’t matter the time

me: are you diet? how many weight you have? hehehehhehe

OnlyKim: average 2 meals, normally 1 meal, LOL!

OnlyKim: Diet? the word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary xD

me: hehehehe p

OnlyKim: why did you choose me? LoL xD, to interview i mean p

me: ic, coz you the Only1i choose to be the chosen 1, coz your name is Only! lol.

OnlyKim: thats a pretty reason ! o.o

OnlyKim: : but it works i guess

me: so i should choose you lol, maybe you are different and weird like others.

me : Coz you are using Orc staff hehehe

OnlyKim: its cute what, i was thinking

me: yea ^^ its a cute weapon lol

OnlyKim: ancient orc staff maybe allright, since kery map 28 hard to find. there isn’t a must for everything.

me: yea the good thing are hard to get…imagine what if is easy to get? So many people will be powerfull.

OnlyKim: Thats the balance ! if only some people are strong they manipulate. just like the old SD. I am enjoying my gamefinding abuser

me: yea war need a lot of money

OnlyKim:and getting the besti could out of me lo, of course PKing is a temptation still when i see someone i hate.

me: yep it is

OnlyKim: those who knew me since SD would know why xD, i am an addict LOL

me: ehheheheheh you are addicted 😛

OnlyKim: so anything goes im living with my friends, so everything in a room

me: ehhh, what should i call you he or she lol

OnlyKim: you cant blame me lol, i dont mind the genders! since Dhar call me a bisexsual. that should be a reason xD

me: ok, lets keep it a secret

OnlyKim: : other opinions of who i am is theirs to keep, i cant controll really xD

me: i think you are Doraemon !!

OnlyKim: if i’m a guy what would happen?

me: do you think im a girl or boy?

OnlyKim: after seing your pics you are a Man. Boy is for kids lol

me: yea in the planet earth im a man. but in planet Jupiter i’m a monster female

OnlyKim: whoever that can guess me who i am , i’ll give a lak powders! those who had seen me or answered my call cannot join xD

me: ic ic i try investigate you later !!

OnlyKim: where is Jupiter?? xD

me: Jupiter is beside Planet of the Apes ! haha

OnlyKim: Planet of the Apes, was where i was from before I’m sent to Khersup xD

me: you also from planet of the Apes, thats cool lol !

OnlyKim: search my blog carefully xD

me: my next question is, if you fart is it more smelly or big sound?

OnlyKim: hmmmm

OnlyKim: I dont really know, i had my earphone on and i was and having a flu xD

me ; LOL

me: what do you think about WYD journal this season?

OnlyKim: i can interprate players through their blog, as writing is part of my hobby,I can imagine players characteristic trough their way of writings.

me; yep, thats cool, how did you imagine their characteristic?

OnlyKim: : want the truth or something nice?

me: the truth maybe ..

OnlyKim: hmm… i sense fakeness..they are trying to be someone else apart from their real person and didn’t aren’t doing it well, their blog eventually jumbled up not knowing which is their style of writing.

me: do you read my blogs? what do you think?

OnlyKim: you let your reader to feel your blogs yet do not want to expose yourself

me: yep.. ^^

OnlyKim: im new to blogging xD

me : im new too ^

OnlyKim: heheheh, not fair!!

me: dont worry i will be nice to new WYDians

OnlyKim: u’ve won last season !!!!!

me: hehe, last season is old story lol :P, this season new beginning for me lol

OnlyKim: is this still an interview??

me: yes this is a talk show remember!

To be Continued ….

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Wakakakakaka Story Telling :P

Hello.. Welcome back. ^^

Hehehe.. Thank you again for still reading my blogs. Today i dont have much activity. okay lets read some of my story and activity for today. Hope you enjoy it. hehe LoL.

Welcome to read my wakaka story.. I dont have any good idea for my real topics, so im just put it wakaka story. hope you like it. If you dont like it its your problem, not my problem. This is my blog, i have the right to put what ever i want for my topics. lol… jokes …. ^^

My Stuff Story

Yesterday i was buy the imbue set for plate dmg 24 and critical 7 for breastplate. I’m broke at the moment, no gold enuff to upgrade new stuff or buying water M for shares. Before i’m taking a decision to buy the imbue breastplate i was planned to make my own +10 breastplate but my hope was crush because i dont have the another set of my breastplate with same kind of stats. My breastplate is dmg 24 crit 6 plus 9, i already collected 1 wise man stone and 4 emerald for piercing damage and sadly the shop that sell same stats of breastplate was sold. The seller name Darkspeed, but it was sold out. For making a +10 armor i need 2 types of breatplate with plus 9 with the same stats. My ingame friend already success making +10 armor, Head-Hunterz was buy my old armor which has dmg 24, def 30 and crit 5 plus 9. He also have the same stats of my old armor, so i sell it to him . He was success making it to plus +10. I’m very happy about the successfull news, but i’m sad coz i dont have another breastplate to making my own armor like him.

My glove at the moment is dmg 24, deff 30 plus 9, then suddenly last night i’m lucky to see 1 shop that sell same stats of my gloves, yes it is dmg 24, deff 30 but with no plus for 10m. So without no further delay i’m clicking it and making it to plus 6 immediately. I’m happy again to see my favorite part of gloves. At the moment slayer gloves are hard to find the good stats and i’m always the lucky 1. Last night also some people want to buy my gloves but i dont wat to sell it coz its very hard to find it, i was got and offer for 150m last month for my gloves, well money sometimes are good but i dont think more to money always. Money can get everyday or something by hunting or what ever you can do but remember that to find the good stuff are not easy always we think.

At the moment i have 2 types of armor that have different stats, for my mortal character i’m using imbue breastplate 9 dmg 24 crit 7 and slayer pants dmg 24 crit 7. For my mortal i’m using Slayer breastplate dmg 24 crit 6 and slayer pants dmg 30 crit 6. hehehe, the problem is i’m sharing my gloves and shoe for my both mortal and god character. Yea it sounds like messy to arrange my cargo always, when turning gods i have to save my shoe, gloves and etc.After finish playing my god character i have to save my stuff again at cargo for mortals.

For coming soon i want to make my gloves to plus 10, i’ve already have 2 pcs same stats of slayer gloves and 4 emerald and 1 wiseman stones, im just need to collecting 50m to make it done. If i’m success making it, i will do more to my whole set to plus 10. I will make it to plus 11 after success make it to 10. I’m not much concentrate to water M shares at the moment, i’m more to learning making a good stuff. I dont like much for level up  coz my level stuck at 351. Its kind hard to level up when it come at 351.I’ve already done the god quest with the help of my friend Silvertech from Zeus guild.

Not forgetting my shoe, my shoe stats is dmg 30 but with no skill mastery. Luckily it still plus 8 at the moment, i dont make it plus 9 yet. The reason is i need to replicate E to my shoe again for getting a good stats until i will get dmg 30 and skills mastery.

heehehe. my helmet also good at the moment, i have slayer helmet with stats of HP increse 50 and attck speed 18 percent if i’m not wrong, my helmet still plus 8. I dont plus 9 for it at the moment because my god character dont use helmet.

okay, lets forget about my armor, let talk about my mount ! hehehe.. yesterday also i was sell my fenrir with 14 life expectancy and level 41 for 12 lak powders.The buyer buy my fenrir for trade with 12 laks! hehe.. its a good bargain fo me. Then i’m selling my laks and my laks get a good sales and guess what? i’m buying a new fenrir with 24 life expectancy and level 51. Th next day i’m showing my fenrir to thyrene and she has a present for me, hehehe, she giving me a fenrir essence 1 pcs to me, im happy to get it from her. Without any due, im putting it to my new fenrir, heheh thne it became level 52 with no i dont know what to say coz some people say its very hard to level up more your mount untill it reaches level 50.My fenrir now is level 53 with so many failed essence on it. I will make it as high i could untill it reaches lvl 100 if i can. I love fenrir since i’m was a noob and low levels. It was a dream come true when you try to get it as you could.

My semi AFK Story

hehehe, today not so many global members come for water party, i was doing 2 party for them, normally there was 3 party with different members.Today me and homax get many recruitment but new recruit get late for logo, so they got missed the water party, so me and homax just telling them to come at water party 19.00 gametime and the other gametime.

hehe, today im just stay afk sitting at Aki places, you can see many people sitiing beside me.Taking screenshot or whatever, i dont know what they doing. I’m just pretend to be AFk coz my shift was finish. Im only answer PM for certain people that i know well. From the pics above you can see my global members mineru come suddenly, i never saw him before, i’m also never see him also for water party and etc. I’m online everyday but still dont get know the name and who is really the person name mineru. Today suddenly he come with his god character using a big ancient hammer. While im pretending to be afk, he talk about money cube a lot with the people surrounded him. Why should he tell people around him that he has 5bilions for money cube? he should make it a secret, dont tell the public about your wallet stuff or private money. After that many newbes come and ask begging for money, you asked for it bro !!

For me i dont like much to tell how much money is and how much wcoins im using or what ever. Its a secret of yours. Yea i was lost money cube for 5m heheheh.. then i stop playing it. You know gambling is not good for you. You will get adicted to it. So better have little amount of money irather tah  dont have nothing.

well let see who come next at my afk session,

Woot… wooot.. :P..

owh man… mineru is notty.. he asking people to meet the real television.If you guys dont understand what is a television you can see my previous blogs..We almost knowing who is the television is..ehhehehehehe LOL.. you have to find out yourself. The personality getting confuse among WYDians and the real story is still 50-50 for among WYDians who knows television ingame.The real sories is 100% guarantee from the real friend in real life.

Then look my next afk sessions who is coming…hehehe

you can see my bloggers friend is coming while putting the tab “Lonely Warrior”… hehehe..yea Onlykim you got punked to my SS afk session.You think i’m 100% AFK..hehe….

LOL.. OnlyKim.. my bloggers friend come sitting beside me, its look cute OnlyKim sit beside me. OnlyKim just sitting around 3 minutes beside me. Luckily im get the chances to take some screenshot.hehehe..

Its weird OnlyKim dont pm me coz he tought im Afk..hehehehe.. My new hobby is to read people chat when i’m afk.

Okay thats all for today stories,

okay all WYDians and all friends, thank you again for reading my blogs.

Take Care and see ya ^^

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